Howlin’ Hound : October 29, 12-3pm


Please call The Cakehound at 614-372-5362 or email with any additional questions or for clarification. 

Are dogs allowed in the store? 

  • Goodness, yes! That would be so sad to be a bakery for them and they had to wait outside. Very welcome, and they will be greeted with treats and/or pets. We only bake for dogs- not humans, so regulations are a bit different that typically human bakeries. 

How do I order? :

  • Click on order here> select desired items> schedule your pickup date on the cart page> select pickup again and check out! You will receive an order confirmation e-mail or text after placing order & a pick up notification on the day of your order. Check spam/junk if you're not seeing e-mails, mark as not spam and move to inbox.
  • Your order will be ready anytime during business hours on the date you select to pickup

I forgot my pickup date... : 

  • Pull your confirmation email and click "view order" , scroll to the bottom and your pickup date should appear. If you can't find it, give us a call and we can search it using your last name. 

How long will it take?

  • Online orders can be picked up in 3 business days
  • Special orders take a minimum of 5 business days, longer during busier weeks and holidays. All special orders require pre payment- no exceptions. 

What do I need to pre order?

  • All cakes need to be pre ordered; other items are available on the shelves and in the bakery cases on a first come first serve basis- just like a regular human bakery
  • Large quantities of pupcakes or cookies
  • Personalized cookies are better to be pre-ordered. Why? Sometimes the pawstry chef isn't in house to write on baked goods, and they need to "set up" for a minute or two before being packaged- definitely not an item that can be bought off the shelf in an hurry. 

Can you ship?

  • Only shippable items are our fresh baked cookies. All cakes, cupcakes and specialty meals are for in store pickup only.

Do you have cakes available if I didn't order? 

  • Sometimes! Give us a call or stop in. We generally have cookies that can be personalized on site if cakes aren't available. Safest bet is to pre-order, and know that your pup will be happy with any items in our bakery case!

Are your treats human grade? / Can I eat these? 

  • Yes they're human grade ! We bake with whole wheat or coconut flour, applesauce, egg, pumpkin, carrot, honey, vegetable based fat, unsweetened coconut, and use all natural powders- never any dyes. Powders: spirulina, beet, turmeric, carob, peanut.
  • Yes, you can eat them... but you won't enjoy it!

How can my pup be featured on social media and/or website?

  • Tag us @thecakehound on Instagram and Facebook
  • Send photos with instagram handles (if you want to be tagged) to
  • we LOVE a goofy picture- a perfectly posed shot is nice, but the reality is silly pictures are just that, silly and funny, enjoyable to look at!

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