Howlin’ Hound : October 29, 12-3pm

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Howlin' Hound 2023. $35 vendor fee. Payment / signup deadline: Oct. 15th. After October 15th fee will increase to $45. No vendors/ trick or treat spots accepted after October 24th. 

The event: Howlin’ Hound Trick or Treat/ Pet Parade. Hosted by Cakehound with help from German Village Fun Bunch.

Sunday October 29th from 12-1:30, and 1:30-3:00. (I have sign ups in two blocks to reduce bottle necking and spread the folks out a bit. Tickets for the event will be posted online through, with $3 per ticket donated to Stop The Suffering. 

We sold out at 150 spots for  Howlin' Hound 2021, and over 200 in 2022. We sold out Hoppin' Hound earlier this Spring, with folks knocking down the door to join in on the fun! This year the goal will be 250 dogs! 

Dogs will check in with Cakehound and Stop the Suffering volunteers, collect a map of participating locations and bag to collect their treats, then head out into the village. 

If you don’t have staff to distribute the treats, you are welcome to leave them at your front door- but people do tend to get greedy, unfortunately (think of you or your siblings 12 year old self at trick or treat at the last houses…), which looks bad on all of us because one dog didn’t get his snack. Strategy at Cakehound is to have the treats back at the sales counter, so folks have to walk into the store, which means they're more likely to purchase something. 

Treats: all treats will be provided by Cakehound. They are themed Halloween cookie cutouts (witches, pumpkins, bats, etc. )

If you have any questions please or know someone who wants to participate please email Teresa at